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The Tea Room was one of the first companies to pioneer the fusion of tea and chocolate. Our organic, tea infused chocolate bar line although quite young at less than two years old, has already been the recipient of several awards. Among the most notable award are The Sofi Silver which we were awarded for our Green Earl Grey bar in 2009, as well as the many Top Gear & Chocolate Salon awards that we were awarded both in 2008 and 2009. Despite the numerous accolades that we have received for our organic, tea infused chocolate bars it was only recently, though our attendance at several wine and chocolate festivals that we discovered The Tea Room's bars can be paired with a wide variety of wines to greatly enhance any wine experience. To that end we have created this convenient wine and chocolate pairing guide so that you may have an even more delightful wine and chocolate experience.

Maté & Cacao Nibs (72% Cacao): The Maté and Cacao Nibs bar is the quintessential dark chocolate bar. Although it pairs well with most red wines the Maté bar is at its best when paired with a more robust dark and earthy wine such as a Cabernet or any blend comprised of Cabernet . The richness of the Maté bar works wonderfully with the tannins in the Cabernet and the Cacao Nibs in the bar help to emphasize the oaky flavors typical of Cabernets resulting in a wine that seems as if it has been aged to perfection.

Raspberry Rooibos (60% Cacao): The Raspberry Rooibos bar was made for Merlot. The Red Raspberry Rooibos Tea itself contributes a delightfully refined and decadent raspberry flavor, but when paired with a Merlot the berry flavors in both the wine and bar are enhanced exponentially. The result is an intensely fruity yet not overpowering experience that will explode onto your palate with a clean, crisp finish.

Green Earl Grey (60% Cacao): The Green Earl Grey bar blends especially well with a Rioja wine or a Pinot Noir, or any wine made using a blend of Tempranillo or Pinot Noir grapes. The low acidic levels in this variety blend well with the sophisticated flavor profiles of the Earl Grey bar, especially with the citrus undertones from the Earl Grey's Bergamot oil which prevents the wine from tasting too dry, or acidic. Leaving you with a much enhanced drinking experience.

Black Masala Chai (38% Cacao): The rich combination of Indian Black Tea, Cloves, Cinnamon, and other spices is best paired with a Chianti, or any wine made from the Sangiovese grape. The peppery tones of the Sangiovese grape and the natural spices of the Chai tea combine to create a complex tasting experience that is simple to enjoy.

Chamomile & Honey (30% Cacao, white chocolate): The Chamomile and Honey is an exception among most white chocolate bars in that it is incredibly smooth. The wild honey and chamomile combination results in a bar that leaves you with a calm soothing experience perfect for pairing with a Chardonnay. The buttery and oaky tones found in most Chardonnays mix wonderfully with the premium white chocolate and wild honey in the bar, giving you the perfect treat to enjoy any time of day.

Honeybush Caramel (38% Cacao): The Honeybush Caramel tea is similar to a Rooibos tea in appearance, yet slightly sweeter. While the Honeybush Caramel bar is a milk chocolate bar, and therefore not recommended for pairing with most wines, the bar natural serves as an excellent coupling to a port wine. The Aguardente used during production of Port during the fermentation process leaves residual sugars in the wine, causing a sweet and rich flavor that blends excellently with the rich caramel tones in the Honeybush Caramel bar.

Jasmine (38% Cacao): The Chinese Jasmine Green Tea, Tangerine Essence, and milk chocolate of the Jasmine bar, combine to create a unique, flowery chocolate blend that pair excellently with most dessert wines. Because the Jasmine bar contains Tangerine Essence it works especially well with any dessert wines containing citrus overtones. All in all a relaxing experience to enjoy after any meal.

Please note that this guide is a work-in-progress and we at The Tea Room would very much like to hear about your wine and chocolate tasting experience. We will greatly appreciate and value your expert opinion and input on the many possible flavor pairings.

Thank you for your time.